Guardian Service

According to Ontario’s law, International students under the age of 18 attending Ontario without a parent must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen to act as their legal guardian and issue a guardianship letter. At the same time, they must be signed by the guardian when the underage student is renewed.

Guardian Service

The guardian will serve as an emergency contact for international students in Canada, and will serve as a consultant to provide consulting services for studying abroad in Canada, communicate regularly with the school and cooperate with the host family to improve the academic performance and adaptability of international students.

The Public Education Bureau generally requires three steps from the Education Bureau to report, entrance exams, and school selection. Private schools are usually completed one day before enrollment.

In the first semester, we will understand the students’ learning adaptation, introduce parents to the school-related system, and guide parents to supervise the students’ learning progress.

The monthly report includes: time-to-school registration, sleep time statistics, extracurricular activities and social time.

Homestay Service

In addition to improving English proficiency and academic level, the significance of studying in Canada is more important to understand and integrate into the mainstream Western society and adapt to its lifestyle. Therefore, the choice of international students in Toronto is particularly important. By assisting international students to seek high-quality Homestay host families, students can improve their English in their daily lives, and understanding the lifestyles of mainstream people in Western society is the fundamental tenet of providing homestay services. We are committed to find the most suitable homestay for your children.

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