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About Career

We have been working on human resources for 10 years. We have accumulated lots of experiences of satisfying the needs of both sides (employers and employees). We are more than a just agency that we will provide a Personal customized plan for your future. We adhere to the principle of customer loyalty and efficient communication. Analyze different clients’ backgrounds from different dimensions. We provide the most unique and outstanding consulting service. Our consulting assistant will answer your questions one on one patiently and detailed. We are committed to satisfying the different needs of our clients

About Immigration

People with immigration needs spend lots of time checking the immigration policy every day just like checking their stock. Every little change in immigrating policy will cost them lots of time to figure it out and sometimes they may struggle to prepare the requirements documents. As a company with years of immigrating service, we understand every single detail in immigrating policy and we are also able to predict the future policy according to our national politics and economics. We will provide the customized immigrating plan for each of our clients. Choose us and our RCIC consultant will make your immigration much easier.

What our clients say about us

Clients Feedback

They are professional

I know that sometimes you just need someone to save the time and problems for you and they are the right choice because they are very professional. You do not have to waste your time to viewing the different policies. The only thing you need to do is give them your requirement and ask them questions.



I asked them to apply the school for my children and find the homestay for them. They did a good job. When I want to know how’s it going with my children they will send me the pictures of my children and tell me what they do recently. So good

Lucy Wang

Worth it

Their fees are low but their service are the best. I used to ask another agency find the job for me and clearly they didn’t do their job and then I decided to try this company, they are much better.

Kevin Li