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Recruiting Service

Provalue Group Inc. is the leading company among regional recruiting firms with over 100,000 registered job seekers and over 12 years of industry experiences. We will develop a precise recruiting plan based on the different needs of employers and provide the best service at the best price.

Our services include:

Professional Recruiting Service – Search, select, evaluate and recommend suitable talents for the position based on the job requirements.

Labor Dispatch Service – Provide temporary labors for your company and help you finish your daily production task and solve the problems caused by temporary employment.

If you have recruiting needs, please click the “Recruiting Service” button below. Once the information is submitted, our staff will contact you for the first time to confirm the specific information and introduce other related services.

If you want to know more about our recruiting service, please call 905-604-7660, our customer service staff will give you the detailed answer.

Job Hunting Service

Provaule Group Inc. cooperate with 2,000 companies and successfully helped countless job seekers find the ideal job.

Our services include:

Job hunting service – Recommend jobs and help you to submit the applications based on your career goals and plans.

Immigration Jobs Recommendations – We work with a number of recruiting agency and we are committed to helping our clients with immigrant needs find a job that meets immigration qualification in a short period of time.

What our clients say about us

Clients Feedback

Very good!

Provalue really helped me a lot and save me a lot of time, because I don’t have the time to find the job by myself because I’m too busy with my test.

Poker face

They are professional

They are very professional! I know those guys are very reliable at the moment I walked into their office. Big company, years of experience and they did an excellent job.


The service are awesome

Although we just communicate through phones because I am too busy to come over but the suggestions they give me are very practical and useful.

Jack Fedller