Quality Assurance Technician

Quality Assurance Technician

March 4, 2022

Core Responsibilities:
• Effective implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the company’s Food Safety and Quality Systems, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), policies and procedures, programs and controls
• Inspection and completion of Pre-operations monitoring and Operations activities and record
• Ensure monitoring activities and record completion is conducted as per written program by designated employees
• Ensure GMPs are followed by all employees at all times (e.g. proper use of work apparel, communicable disease policy, etc.)
• Responsible for product sampling and laboratory submission
• Responsible of sanitation effectiveness environmental (swab) sample taking and laboratory submission
• Responsible for ensuring scales are calibrated at their appropriate frequency.
• Perform monitoring procedures related to production and quality activities to ensure production procedures are being followed and customer specifications and regulatory requirements are being met
• Communicate QA Supervisor/Manager and Management regarding deviations found during pre-operational and operational inspections
• Initiate control and or Hold of products, equipment and or materials when deviations occur
• Follow up with corrective actions as per instructions until resolved
• Ensure segregation policies for allergens and non-conforming product are followed in all storage and production areas
• Responsible for ensuring finished products and raw ingredients are properly labeled and stored (i.e. allergen, WIP, finished product)
• Assist the QA Supervisor for delivering GMP training (Metal Detection, ETO), Shipping and Receiving procedure to new employees and yearly refresher training
• Perform on site and record review activities as part of the Program and Standard Operating Procedures
• Represent the company in a professional manner in dealings with government personnel, customers and any all other visitors to the plant facility
• Develop and or support QA Manager and Management with Product Specifications Development and Product Development
• Assists QA Supervisor with conducting internal auditing as per BRC requirements

Regulatory Affairs / Client QA Program
• Assist QA Technicians and QA Manager to development of Certificate of Analysis (CofA’s), Certificate of Conformance (CoC’s) for finished products.
• Ensure appropriate documentation (Product Specification, Allergen, Labelling, CofA, CoC, Country of Origin Statement, GMO Statement, etc.) is submitted to clients via email or Pick Slip documentation.
• Responsible for ensuring non-conforming product is segregated and properly labelled and for appropriate disposition. Disposition determination is conducted by the QA Manager/QA Supervisor and final decision is made by VP Operations and QA Manager or QA Supervisor. Product is placed on HOLD and segregated. Product placed on HOLD is documented on the Returns Log and/or HOLD Log as appropriate.
• Aids the QA Manager / QA Supervisor to investigate customer complaints and appropriate response
• Takes product samples as required in support of Client QA Program (i.e., Allergens, for CofA’s, Volatile Oil, Density Testing, etc.) and product specifications.
• Communicate with QA Manager and/or QA Supervisor for any deviations or food safety concerns or issues.
• Develop and/or support QA Manager / QA Supervisor / Plant Manager / VP Operations on new product development and product labels (R&D).
• Acquires samples of product and labels samples accordingly and updates the Outgoing Sample Log Sheet (For new clients or pre-existing clients). Ensure the appropriate Product Specification is submitted with Product Sample.
• Interprets CofAs (Laboratory analysis) to ensure compliance with specifications.
• Updates and issues CofA’s based on received CofA’s from the laboratories (Silliker / Certified Laboratories).
• Generates NFT information in support of products (using ESHA Genesis program) – used in support of product specifications and mandatory labelling requirements.
• Other duties as assigned or as needed

• Ensures products have been authorized by Logistics/QA Manager
• Depending on the nature of the return, products may need to be segregated from non-returned products for further evaluation (Designated Returns Area) and/or placed on HOLD with HOLD Tags.
• Once passed further evaluation, the product may be released from HOLD and reintroduced into stock.

• Must be able to assess products (organoleptic evaluations, microbiology/chemistry results, etc.) to determine acceptable and non-conforming products.
• Must be able to conduct food safety and quality assessments and apply appropriate measures to control non-confirming product.
• Liaise with team members to determine disposition of non-conforming product.
Back Up for QA Technicians (Operational Support):
• Refer to the JD for QA Technician (Shipping / Receiving / Regulatory / Client QA)

– Minimum post-secondary degree in a related field equivalent to Food Science, Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Safety, Public Health,

– Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in a similar role within the food industry maintaining / implementing GFSI Regulatory standards.
– Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in a role within the food industry monitoring quality assurance and control programs.

Location: Vaughan, ON

Work schedule :7:30am-4:30pm